Which car insurance best for you.

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Which car insurance best for you.

Postby Herbert2406 on 08 Feb 2012 14:08

Which car insurance best for you.There are many car insurance companies in UAE.So How to find best one for your vehicle .it is difficult and time consuming .But here i got cool solution for that and wanna share with you.There is a web site http://www.insureme.ae That will compare all auto insurances in few seconds gives you exactly what you want.
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Re: Which car insurance best for you.

Postby Mark3703 on 30 Apr 2013 16:04

There are hundreds of car insurance companies in Dubai, some are ordinary and some are the best, but the union insurance is the superb car insurance company which provides excellent services.
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Re: Which car insurance best for you.

Postby Moe4683 on 24 Nov 2013 13:44

Hi, I personally did a lot of research once I got my car in Dubai. Some of the online sites are fine to go through but a friend of mine suggested trying Standard Chartered car insurance. You can get an instant quote within 1 min.

Standard chartered car insurance is underwritten by AXA; one of the best insurance providers in the market. And if you don’t like that quote, wait until the insurance sales agent to call you back and get more information to tailor the car insurance based on you driving history and provide you with the best insurance quote in the market. Make sure that sales agent are aware of that you have a clean driving record; you will be surprised that you might be able to discount the prices by up to 50%. Finally, ask them about the current offers and if they still have a welcome offer; make sure to check if they have any offers running.

This is my 2nd year using their service and I was able to renew my policy and pay it online so I’m pretty satisfied that I don’t have to wait in queue to meet a pushy sales agent.
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Re: Which car insurance best for you.

Postby Todd5076 on 20 Mar 2014 12:53

This really depends on what your needs are. There is always a trade off between benefits and the price. Here is a helpful article on finding the best car insurance: http://www.bayzat.com/blog/finding-the-best-car-insurance-in-the-uae/88

You might want to consider going through a broker since they can help you get better prices, and will show you options from multiple insurance providers.
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Re: Which car insurance best for you.

Postby perkin5731 on 22 Sep 2014 17:26

In these days, Car insurance is one of the essential things for everyone. Various online companies are offering these services with different packages. Before, We can enroll in any company we must completely go through its rules and regulations.

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