Save yourself from making insurance claims

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Save yourself from making insurance claims

Postby Forums-Editor on 30 Sep 2010 17:59

By following some basic tips, you can save yourself from getting involved in an accidents & making insurance claims.

Always make sure that the following things are in order

Before you drive off:
1. Your car lights are working. (dim lights, head lights & indicators, reverse lights, brake lights, fog lights)
2. To check your car lights you can ask someone for their assistance OR park your car in front of a reflective or shiny wall
3. Your car tyres pressure is in order.
4. Your car tyres are not worn out.
5. Your car break is working fine.
6. Hazard lights are working fine.
7. Check engine oil about once every two weeks

After you drive off:
1. Pull the car safely after checking your back & side mirrors and also your blind spots.
2. Always wait for person to give you the way, rather than taking the way forcefully, which happens alot in dubai especially with taxi drivers ;) .
3. Keep the distance from the car running in front of you, in case of emergency break.
4. When changing the lanes, always check your back & side mirrors and also your blind spots.
5. Comply with speed limits on the roads.
6. Stop on amber lights (traffic signal), rather than still trying to pass it.
7. Be careful on roundabouts and comply with right of way.
8. Be extra careful, In case of weather conditions.
9. Never drive or overtake someone abruptly.
10.Quickly scan zebra crossings while driving before hand for pedestrians.
11. Keep the decent distance from bycyclers when overtaking them in case if he/she swerves.

Obvioulsy this is not all. There is so much more to talk about but this is just some general stuff i could think of, feel free to add up if you think i missed something.
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