Diesel Cars Vs. Patrol Cars?

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Diesel Cars Vs. Patrol Cars?

Postby Fire-Starter on 29 Sep 2010 14:59

If you were given a choice to pick one from diesel or patrol car, which one would you pick out of them? What are the pros & cons of both of them?

Obviously, the biggy one is, in terms of fueling while living, diesel is cheaper than patrol in a long run. But at the same time diesel cars are slightly expensive than patrol in majority of the times. But at the same time if you will be running your car more than usual then you would prefer diesel car. In my opinion its all down to your needs.

Performance wise & enigine wise which one is better i have no idea about that. Feel free to add your comments about it.
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Re: Diesel Cars Vs. Patrol Cars?

Postby Sallie2675 on 04 Jun 2012 18:33

Advantage of Diesel Technology:

Diesel is derived from petroleum like gasoline is. Its density is 850 gms/liter whilst the density of gasoline is about 15 % less at 720 gms/ liter. It also releases more energy than petrol. Compare this - Diesel puts out about 40.9 MJ (mega joules) per liter while petrol puts out about 34.8 MJ per liter. In other words the high energy density of diesel fuel is seen in 38685 BTU as against petrol's figure of 32895 BTU. As a result, diesel engines are far more fuel efficient than petrol engines. Not only that, they have far more torque available at a lower rpm than their gasoline engine counterparts. Diesel Engines also offer lower carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer than petrol engined cars.

Take the case of our aboriginal Indian SUV - Tata Safari as an example:

Average ammunition burning for the Variable Turbine Technology 2.2 L DICOR agent Safari: 13.5 km per liter

Average ammunition burning for the 2092 CC Petrol Safari: 7 km per liter

It is the capital acumen why beyond engines are consistently powered by diesel.

Diesel engines accept a compression arrangement of 20-22:1 compared with 7-9:1 of petrol engines. So the engines accept to be bigger and congenital on sturdier engine blocks. The bang pumps which are analytical for the achievement of the engine are attention engineered. This makes these engines endure best and crave beneath engine overhauls. As these engines accept their air assimilation consistently accessible clashing the petrol apprenticed engines, they can abandoned for best continuance after asthmatic down the fuel. The low end balance or the college torque accessible at the lower rpm makes the agent engine booty reasonable amount calmly at low engine speeds.

Turbo answerable inter cooled agent engines generally can beat the aiguille power/torque of abounding by itself aspirated petrol engines of commensurable size.

In baptize logged anchorage of abounding locations of India, agent cars accept little adventitious of dying out due to electrical problems. Another agency which works in favor of agent cars in cloudburst India is the lower bankrupt temperatures of agent engines compared with petrol cars. This would aftereffect in beneath problems in the bankrupt pipes accepting apparent to water.

Disadvantage of Diesel:

Initial amount aberration is top - by at atomic Rs.50,000. Engines are added than petrol engines consistent in added abrasion in tires.

Oil changes are accepted - at every 5000 km instead of 10,000 km in the case of petrol engines. Modern accepted abuse technology makes the engine administration systems circuitous apprehension the engines advantageous alone with their accustomed dealers.

But in these canicule of ammunition injected petrol car engines - circuitous engine administration ascendancy systems abide in both engine types obviating the charge for specialized account facilities.

So the basal band is - it still depends on the usage. If you drive continued distances, drive about generally in baptize logged anchorage or plan to absorb your car for a best continuance - agent is the best advantage for you.

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