Take care of these things when buying a car or motorbike

Please inform us about any scams or suspicious ads, Thanks.

Take care of these things when buying a car or motorbike

Postby Forums-Editor on 29 Sep 2010 01:50

If the vendor asks you to pay upfront without showing you the car / motorbike then step back and ask him/her questions to verufy his intentions and also ask him / her to show the car / motorbike before making any payment. Mostly, scammers ask the buyers to pay upfront full or partial amount through western union by simply showing the pictures, once its done then they disappear. Always use your own judgement to check the deal. If you are not sure about it then feel free to send us an email to get any advice. Or if you have any doubt or see anything suspicious then please do inform us to save innocent people from being victims of these monsters who have no moral values.

Mostly, scammers post the ads from outside UAE with the non UAE contact numbers, So they could not be approached. if they do advertise their ads with local phone or mobile numbers they do not ring. So always run those checks before start getting involved with these crooks.

Send the vendor an email, if he persists on paying before hand then 9 out of 10 this person is dodgy.

Emphasise on ads which appear with pictures, as it gives you a bit of idea about the product. Also check the surrounding in the pictures whether it seems the pictures are taken in UAE or outside UAE. Also look for anything unusal in the images.

It is mostly a safe bet if the seller of a car / motorbike lives in UAE and his phone rings all the time and he responds to each and every query properly and he is approachable and avilable all the time.

I hope all these tips may help you in buying your future cars or motorbikes. We always wish you safe shopping. We strive here to make Auto Finder UAE a perfect and successful platform for its members.
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