Sat Nav (GPS) in Dubai

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Sat Nav (GPS) in Dubai

Postby Forums-Editor on 03 Oct 2010 21:48

No doubt, in last two to three decades massive development in science & technology has brought a great change in everyones life but for the best. Now people have started thinking in different ways. Our lifestyle has completely changed. All these latest products which are invented because of technology are helping evryone everyday. Internet, Mobiles, MP3s, Ipod, PDAs, Laptops, PCs, Ipads, Bank Cards, ATMs, Electric & computer programmed cars, most of us are using all these things in everyday of our life whether we are at home sipping our coffee while browsing internet or at work playing with our computer.

Similarly, Sat Nav (GPS) is a great invention in travel world. All those dark ages are over when someone used to ask other person to help him/her reading a map while discovering new roads, getting lost, reaching everywhere late and in summary wasting hours and days or months of his/her life sitting in traffic or driving here & there looking for destination like headless chicken. I think more than anything else its a great help for people who are new starters. By using sat nav they can concentrate more on driving & on the road to get themselves experianced and comfortable with everything rather than putting everybody at risk while multi tasking or getting lost. Once if you become an experianced driver and you visit any place just once then you will remember it almost for long time.

Sat Nav (GPS), which has launched almost in all the big cities and countries in the world. How come its not fully & officialy available in Dubai? Its simple reason i can think of is, because dubai is going through a moderation process continiously everyday, once all of that is over, soon we will get some. Especially, I am a big fan of tomtom. Sadly, tomtom does not offer any map for Dubai at the moment but it might in future. It does not mean that there is no sat nav available at all in dubai. There are some companies which are offering it, but they are not 100% accurate. Currently, Garmin Nuvi is available in dubai if you looking to get one.

I am looking forward for tomtom to arrive in dubai, becuase its interface is very user friendly. Particularly, its POIs (Ponit of Interest) are very useful, if you are in a rush you need to get somewhere then without asking anoyone or checking yellow pages you can get there as soon as possible. Its traffic updates is also one of its great features.
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