Car Polishing Technique

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Car Polishing Technique

Postby Forums-Editor on 30 Sep 2010 15:36

Sometimes you wonder :roll: that you could make your car look new by polishing it yourself but you dont know how to do it or what things to use in the process. Its not something which you always have to pay for. Just simply follow the following directions and you are done and everytime you do that not only you get your car polished but also you are saving money. Since it is one of the basic requirement if you are living in dubai, we thought we must mention it here to help others

Collect the following items in order to proceed
1. Polish Bottle (Better qulaity, Better result)
2. Sponge
3. Soft Cloth (Electric Motor will be ideal to save yourself from tiring job)
4. Gloves

1. Wash your car if you can for the best results OR at least splash the water with pipe to remove all the dirt from your car.
2. Wear gloves to save yourself from any allergy or reaction.
3. Apply the patches of polish on the body of your car by keeping the gap of about 6-12 inches between two.
4. Expand the patches now by rubbing them with sponge
5. Start rubbing the surface your car's body with soft cloth from one end to another, if you have an electric motor that would be very handy, quick & less tiring. I heard some people using paper or newspaper instead, dont do that, beleive me in the long run that will just make your car look very dull & blurry.

That's it, your car will be shining like a new coin now. :)
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