Quick Guide to Sell Your Car / Motorbike

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Quick Guide to Sell Your Car / Motorbike

Postby Forums-Editor on 01 Oct 2010 02:50

There is a famous saying "Math is a Power" similarly "Information is Power". If you have right knowledge & information about anything, you can achieve the results what you aim for. It definitely paves your way to attain your goal and makes the process smooth. Coming to the subject if you know and do the right things in the process of selling your car / motorbike, it saves you alot of time and money. So you can keep on reading the following tips to attain the best results

1. Prepare Yourself: If this is the first time you are going to sell a car, it is recomended that you go through this step, which could help conducting your base. Do a bit of research. What is available in the market and who is selling what and at what price. The purpose of doing so is this, One, you will get to know the market you are going compete with. Second, you will get the opportunity to see everything from buyers point of view, which will be helpful for you in order to prepare yourself for the questions you will be asked by buyers. As well as get a good understanding of the customers you are going to target. In other words, you should know who you are going to target.

2. Price Your Product Right: Now you know what the market and the buyers are like. Its time for self assessment, you judge your product's price & value by keeping the competitive market in front of you. Obviously, the price has to be realistic and natural if you want to sell your product in decent time period without wasting it, Otherwise if you have plenty of time to bear then you can advertise your car / motorbike with the price of whatever you like but then chances are very thin that you would get away with making a successful deal. Because, these days the consumers(buyers) are very smart, competition among sellers is huge. So the bottom line is Judge your product yourself realistically and price it accordingly.

3. Prepare Your Product For Sale: Get your car / motorbike ready for sale. Get it washed and waxed up for a sleek look and to leave a better impression upon the viewers. As well as get all the issues with your car / motorbike sorted. For example, if there is any mechanical problem with your car / motorbike, take it to workshop and get it sorted. Otherwise, whoever will see your product will offer you way less money which obviously you do not want. Moreover, get the documents of your car / motorbike straight and renewed, if anything has expired.

4. Take Pictures: Take good pictures of your car / motorbike in a daylight with a good camera in order to make them look appealing to you ad viewers.

You can do two things if you do not want to show your car number plate
a. At the time of taking pictures, you can put something on top of your car / motorbike's number plate e.g colored sticky trape.
b. Or you can take the pictures as it is and you can edit the pictures in editing softwares e.g Photoshop or Picas

5. Advertise Your Car: Normally, people advertise on different newspapers by paying alot of money. But do you know you could sell your car without spending your cash absoluitely free online. Auto Finder UAE Network is getting rapidly famous among people. Just sign up free and start placing your ads free without paying any money. You have got nothing to lose at all. Make sure when you create an ad, you put a unique title and click on the option which clearly describe your car / motorbike in order to remove any confusion for ad viewers and also you upload the latest and good pictures of your car / motorbike. So the ad viewers could get clear view what you are selling. This way only those people will be contacting you who are serious about the deal rather than time wasters.

6. Update Your Ad: Always come back login to your account at Auto Finder UAE, to update your ads especially to update the mileage of your car / motorbike. Check the latest messages and enquiries sent by viewers who are interested in your car / motorbike. They could be potential customers. Start answering their queries properly and professionaly.

7. Keep Track: if it has been few days then your ad might get burried in search results because new people are posting their ads in, Then all you have to do log back into your account at Auto Finder UAE and click on Previous Ads choose the relevant category where you have posted the ad and locate the reference number of your ad and click on Renew, it will bring your ad back on top of search results and you will have more chances of getting calls from people.

8. Stay Professional at Viewing: if someone asks for a viewing, arrange a suitable time with him/her. At the time of viewing you must remember the following important things

a. Precautions: Its probably a best idea to arrange a meeting on a busy place rather than somewhere alone, which could be risky because you do not know the other person. :| At the time of viewing answer all the questions asked by viewers professionaly and always keep the whole thing in your control.
b. Never hand over your car completely to a viewer for a test drive. Always be present in the car even if the viewer asks you for a test drive.
c. Never take a cheque, which could be easily bounced later on.
d. Always take cash and make sure the notes are original
e. If you are selling your car / motorbike to a dealer then you need to release half of your tension.
f. Do all the paper work and read them properly to avoid any conflicts.

9. After Sale: Sometimes people can be very tricky, after selling the car / motorbike you might get a call from buyer that there are blah blah problems with the product. So always ask the viewer to satisfy themselves before buying and you will not be responsible later on.
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Re: Quick Guide to Sell Your Car / Motorbike

Postby Shergill2827 on 16 Oct 2012 03:16

Nice Post . Thanks for sharing it................ :) :)

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Re: Quick Guide to Sell Your Car / Motorbike

Postby Ahmed3117 on 20 Nov 2012 13:09

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Re: Quick Guide to Sell Your Car / Motorbike

Postby Mark3703 on 20 Mar 2013 18:30

It's impressive information regarding cars buying and selling. i want to sell my Toyota Avalon Limited Full Option online at Dubai Cars for sale and after reading this stuff, I will sell my car at suitable price.
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