Using Paint Meter maximize profits and reduce appraisal loss

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Using Paint Meter maximize profits and reduce appraisal loss

Postby Raed1305 on 26 Dec 2010 14:39

I have in-stock for sale 2011 FS 688 Lighted Paint Meter Car Gauge Thickness for revealing Piantwork for all vehicles
and also Elcometer 311 Paint Meter which is the Only Gauge Used by RTA in Dubai , Alain and Abu Dhabi

Today, with a FenderSplendor FS688 Paint Meter you can almost totally eliminate
buying and appraising mistakes

Believe the meter! Go out and use the meter on a few vehicles. Get used to
what the typical readings are…they will vary by make, model and even color. You
are looking for differences, not the actual thickness. If a vehicle is 5.00 to
6.0 mils as you check it, and then a panel jumps to 7.5 mils, you have paintwork.
Some cars come from the factory with paint in the 3.5 mil range, and some come
as high as 7-9 mils or more.

Factory paintwork. The method used to paint vehicles has gotten better and
better, and much more consistent. Yes, I have ‘metered’ cars that came right off
the truck and showed inconsistencies. The fact remains that the paintwork is not
always uniform. Vehicles will vary, depending on the actual color (pearl colors
tend to be thicker) and on the factory that produced the vehicle (older factories
tend to have thicker paint).

Using the FenderSplendor makes it easier to negotiate with the person
you are buying a vehicle from, or trading it in from. The gauge keeps you from
being the ‘enemy’ and it’s hard to get mad at a gauge.

For more details please call Raed 0558921115

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