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Search Forms & Useful Options

Postby Fire-Starter on 29 Sep 2010 22:29

We have tried our best to make our search forms user friendly. You can use our normal or advanced serach forms to narrow down search results. On top, there is a fascility of sorting the results e.g by date. This way you can filter the results and also get the latest ads which have just been added. You can check the acds post date & renewal date.

Renewing an ad actually bring your ad on top of search results, which could be helpful for buyers & sllers. Buyers could treat this ad as an active ad and sellers get the high probability to get engaged with the buyers. Even if the ad is six months old once if it is renewed it will appear on top of search results. Another biggest reason of this is, lets say if one member was looking to sell his car six months ago, then he changed his mind and now next time if he intend to sell his car again all he has to do just come back, login and just renew his ads to get started and rock & roll. There is plenty more on the way. Keep supporting Auto Finder UAE.
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