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Search Tips - Find car hire wanted customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or UAE
  • If you are a type of car hire dealer who is very keen for business & never settle for less & always likes to target any or every type of customer, then press search to get the list of customers who have placed car rental wanted ads specific to their needs for example customers who are travelling to Dubai & looking to pick a car from Dubai Airport or anywhere else in UAE, go through the list and contact those customers who you think have asked for similar type of car hire packages or deals what you are offering.

  • You can also target those car hire customers, who are on a set budget, by choosing the minimum & maximum prices in the form, then choose the emirate if your car hire services are limited to any area e.g. Dubai, otherwise slelect UAE to target the whole of UAE customers.

  • Otherwise, apart from all of that, you can choose the Available From date, from when the customers are looking to hire a car or your car rental vehicle will be available for hire. you can enter the date manually or you can use our calander to pick a date when you will click in the field it will apear automatically below the field.

  • At the time of developing & designing, we considered our website visitors convenience very importantly unlike other cars websites, auto powered search forms are one of the examples of it, where as soon as you start typing, it will offer you the closest match to conduct a useful search or otherwise at any point you can use down arrow key to get the list of suggested words to get any help.

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