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Ref: 1545
AED 110,000
78,000 KM
Title: Mercedes Benz 220S Ponton Cabriolet Bordeaux
Description: Is there still need to tell you the history of Mercedes Benz? You know, for example, that the company was founded in 1890 under the name Daimler (named Paul Daimler, engineer engineering)? The famous three-pointed star was the subject of a patent in the early 1900s, when the company took the name of Mercedes (name of the daughter of Emil Jelinek, main dealer Daimler Riviera)? Did you know that diesel engine was implemented for the first time in a truck brand in 1923? Did you know that Mercedes built for Hitler one of the most extraordinary cars of all time, SSK 540 armored convertible? You know, downside, that company employed during World War II forced laborers Soviet and French (nearly 27,000) in its assembly lines? All this naturally leads to the end of the war, the brand was saved from extinction thanks to the famous Marshall Plan, which enabled him to build cars and trucks with a reputation for durability, reliability, or not luxury has ever since. The fantastic Mercedes that is presented here is part of a series that began in 1953, when the factory cars produced three volumes instead of two small volumes chest. This feature, innovative for its time, allowing models to have a sufficient ability and genuine baggage, is due mainly to the increase in the body and wheelbase. This type of vehicle has been generalized and Mercedes never stops to offer customers easy, but a loyalty rarely achieved, renowned vehicles, whose reputation is as much the price "friend" but related a particularly high resale value. And, last but not least, its rating on the market for collector cars is steadily increasing, which reflects the characteristics mentioned above. Note also, for small (and large) that the history legendary model, the 300 SL gull wing doors equipped with the famous, reached stratospheric heights in auctions, placing it at the same height as the rare Ferrari models (with GTO) and Aston Martin (with the DB4 Zagato). The model proposed by Old time farm conspicuous by its rarity, at least in the state where it is and you can see through the photo report below. Specifications. Body: length / width / height (m): 472/174/156, wheelbase: 282 cm, weight: 1275 lbs. Engine: 6 cylinder 2195 cm ³ at the front, manual transmission four-speed, rear-wheel drive, power: 130 hp at 4800 t / m. Maximum speed: 150 km / h.
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